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Starlets FC are Laceeze Ambassadors

18 August 2017

Laceeze Bands

Our coaches are all too familiar with the frustrations of having to stop play every time one of the girls laces come undone, so it is with great excitement (and relief) that we can announce Stevenage Starlets FC as Club Ambassadors for Laceeze.

Laceeze bands are a revolutionary system to ensure laces never come undone again. Made in the UK from the highest quality silicon with ribbed technology to improve grip around your shoe, they are incredibly easy to use.

Simply tie a single knot shoelace then place the Laceeze around your boot or trainer ensuring the widest part of the band covers your lace knot. This will ensure the laces don’t come undone, meaning everyone can get on with the game.

Order yours online and help support our club

Anything that keeps the girls playing and minimises annoying interruptions to the game is already fine with us, but not only will buying Laceeze bands help eliminate this annoying problem it will also raise funds for our club.

As ambassadors our club will receive a donation from every pair of these bands sold, when purchased using our unique club code. So remember to copy the code below and enter it online when ordering yours at


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