Ensuring A Safe Return to Football

29 July 2020

We are pleased to welcome everyone back to football activity ahead of the 2020/21 season following the break in football due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As with most areas of our lives, you will appreciate that things will be different to before, with a few additional requirements compared to last season. Please be aware that, as guidance from the Government and football authorities changes, our requirements may also change. We will inform you of any changes at the earliest possible opportunity.

As you will no doubt be aware, COVID-19 is a highly infectious and dangerous disease. A resumption of contact sports is only achievable if those involved create and maintain a controlled environment that minimises the threat of infection. While the risks in sport cannot be completely eradicated, with caution and care they can be greatly reduced.

Please note, it is not mandatory for anyone to return to training and matches at this time. If you have concerns about resuming football activity, we urge you to speak to Elizabeth Manning, the Club Welfare Officer and COVID-19 Officer in order to discuss the measures we have put in place and options for a later or more gradual return.

Prior to the return to training the Club has undertaken a full Risk Assessment in line with FA requirements and the guidance and advice provided below incorporates any changes required in relation to this. For further information about the impact of COVID-19 on football and the measures required to allow its return, please visit the Hertfordshire FA website.

The documents below have been compiled to help everyone involved understand their role and responsibilities in ensuring we can begin to play again safely.

We would recommend you take some time to carefully review them and discuss relevant areas with your child so that they are prepared for the changes. By working together can we support the return to football activity while minimising the risk of COVID-19 transmission. If there is anything which you do not understand please do not be afraid to ask for clarification.

We look forward to getting the girls back to playing the game they love.

For Parents/Carers

SSFC Parent Information on Returning to Football

SSFC Parent Consent to Return to Football

SSFC Parent Information for Matches*

For Coaches/Admins

SSFC Coaches Information on Returning to Football

​SSFC Signing-in Form COVID-19

SSFC Coaches Consent to Return to Football

SSFC Coaches and Admins Information for Matches*

SSFC Match Day Safety Briefing*

Information from The FA

FA Summary of Guidance

FA Detailed Guidance

FA First Aid Guidance

FA Frequently Asked Questions

Venue Specific Information

Training at The Academy - COVID Guidance*

Training at The Baldock Arena - COVID Guidance*

*Indicates recently added or updated document

If you would prefer to download all the documents in one go rather than one by one you can use this link instead.

Any questions?

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the above arrangements. Your child’s wellbeing is always our first concern.

Elizabeth Manning Club Welfare Officer and COVID-19 Officer

07795 364663

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