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Starlets FC Win Club of the Year Award

16 February 2018

Starlets Win Club of the Year Award

Last night we had the privilege of attending the Comet Sports Awards, an event that recognises sporting excellence across Stevenage, Hitchin, Letchworth and Baldock.

Despite having only existed for a little over 9 months, Stevenage Starlets FC are immensely proud to have been announced winners in the 'Club of the Year' category.

The judges considered not only some impressive performances on the pitch but also our remarkable growth, delivering on our goal of getting more girls playing the game.

In addition, our club’s community spirit was also highlighted, with particular mention being given to the more than £2,000 we have so far raised for charity.

After the event we spoke to Denise Wells, Starlets Coach and Club Secretary about what winning this award means to everyone involved:

"This is a huge honour for us, particularly at this early stage of our life as a club".

"When you start something new and decide to take a different approach, you can never be quite sure how people will respond".

"We set out our stall from day one as a club based on a strong set of values, with the simple aim of getting more girls playing football and enjoying the game".

"Fortunately the response to what we are doing has been tremendous, with an incredible number of kids and parents wanting to be part of it".

"Even we could never have expected to grow so fast. Our original plan was to have three teams in three years and we’ve exceeded that already".

"That was very encouraging as often clubs can struggle to expand beyond a handful of teams even after having been around for many years".

"Add to that all the kind comments we have received from others around the game that we’ve met along the way, and you start to think we must be doing something right".

Starlets FC - Winners of the Comet Sports Awards Club of the Year

"To be named Club of the Year in the Comet Sports Awards is the icing on the cake and really more than we could ever have dreamed of. We could not be more proud".

"I’m sure that there are some who would have laughed if you’d said when we started this is where we’d be today. I don’t think I’d have dared believe it myself".

"So many people have put so much time and energy into getting this club off to such a fantastic start. This award is so special because it shows just what a tremendous job they have done and how the local community appreciates their efforts".

As Comet editor Nick Gill said in his welcome at the start of the evening:

"These awards can provide a fitting culmination of sporting success, the recognition of all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, and a nod to how sport can bring us all together".

"I can only hope through these awards and the sporting coverage in the Comet that we can inspire others to take up sport, and then reap the benefits".

A sentiment echoed by Denise, who said "There is so much good that can come from playing sport and being part of a team. It really can change young lives".

"We hope that us winning this award will help raise the profile of girls football in our area and mean we’ll see even more girls wanting to take up the game".

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