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Starlets Big Day Out

6 May 2018

SSE Women's FA Cup Final 2018 at Wembley

We know that football is about so much more than just what happens on the pitch - being part of a club means building friendships and making memories that will last a lifetime.

This weekend combined plenty of both as our club’s first ever tour kicked off in Bournemouth, while for those not heading to the south coast there was a trip to the Women’s FA Cup Final, where some of our girls featured in the pre match parade.

Starlets on Tour

Tours provide a fantastic bonding experience, with a whole weekend of shared activities combined with the excitement of a holiday, and of course the chance to test their skills against teams from across the country in a two-day tournament.

The Bournemouth Classic was our destination, with 90 teams of different age groups heading to the coast to compete across 11 boys and girls competitions. While the unseasonably hot weather may not have made the best conditions for football, it was certainly ideal for fun at the beach after the day’s games were played.

Throughout the weekend our U11 team gave a good account of themselves on the field, playing some great football and demonstrating the highest levels of sportsmanship, doing the club proud as always.

Meanwhile at Wembley...

Having joined the club after the tour was booked, the rest of the Starlets family could be found at Wembley watching the SSE Women’s FA Cup Final between Arsenal and Chelsea.

It’s always a special experience to visit the famous stadium on such an occasion, and being part of a record 45,000 crowd ensured there was an amazing atmosphere for our girls to enjoy one of the biggest events in the women's game.

For five of our girls the day was to be even more special with the opportunity to walk around the pitch in the build up to the game, courtesy of our sister club Watford Ladies FC.

Having been selected in a special ballot to represent us in the pre-match parade, these lucky few got to experience a unique pitch side view of Wembley that is sure to inspire dreams of one day returning to play there themselves.

We always say playing football is about making memories and are proud to know this weekend will be one that many girls from Starlets FC will treasure forever.

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